We believe that our children’s spiritual journey is just as important as our own!

Every Sunday, our kids gather together to participate in church life. We sings songs together, we pray, we read the Bible, and we practice listening to God’s voice and experiencing his presence. We truly believe that Jesus is still welcoming children into his lap today just as he did 2000 years ago, and it’s our privilege to help make the introduction. All children between ages 2 to 12 are welcome.

CHILDREN AGES 2 – 12 // Sunday 11:00 am

Keep your kids with you for the first half of worship, and at 11:00 AM a sign will be shown on the screen letting you know it’s time for them to go to kids’ church. Please bring your children out of the gym at this time, sign them into our program across the hall, and then collect them again at 12:15 PM. Our staff are all trained in safe practices surrounding children and have been approved to work with kids and vulnerable youth and adults by their local police services.

Rules and expectations

Following are some quick guidelines and expectations to help everyone have a great time:

  • There is no formal program or supervision for kids during worship. We encourage parents to worship with their children during this time, but there is also a craft table at the back of the gym that children are welcome to use. Worship flags are available for kids who would like to dance or flag. Parents are reminded to keep an eye on their kids during worship as this is a rented, public building.

  • Our kids’ program usually starts at 11:00 AM and a notice will be displayed on the screen. All kids between 2 and 12 are welcome, and you will need to bring them to the kids room just outside of the main gym to sign them into our program. If your kids would rather stay with you for the duration of the church service, you are welcome to keep them with you.

  • If you’re planning on having your kids in our program, please try and arrive by 11:00 AM as it can be a bit disruptive to our teachers and the other kids when people arrive late. If you do arrive late, knock on the door to the kids room and we’ll do our best to sign your kids in.

  • It’s important that you remain in the building while your kids are in our program. We are not a licensed daycare centre, and if anything comes up, we need to be able to find you in the building.

  • Our kids' program ends at 12:15 PM, which is the same time the adult church service typically ends. A notice will be displayed on the screen reminding you to come and pick up your kids.

  • Any kids who are misbehaving or continually causing a disruption will be returned to their parents and signed out for the rest of the day. They will be welcome to return the following week.